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Traverse City, Michigan's escape room adventure!

Escape Rooms: Good to know



Shh! Once you complete a challenge, you are sworn to secrecy! Please no spoiling  challenges for future guests.

Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reservation.

All guests will be required to sign a waiver prior to initiating your challenge.



Please, no food or drink in the escape rooms.  We ask that you please shut of your cell phones during the challenge.  No pictures or videos of the rooms allowed.

Nothing is in the ceiling, leave the cameras alone they are how we see you, and we will be watching.  Please do not  force anything open. Please do not break things - everything you need to  complete the challenge will be accessible without force.  Everything you need is already in the room, there is no need to bring anything, Please do not take anything from the rooms. 

Please adhere to these rules, or you may be asked to leave the room while the rest of your group continues. No refunds will be given to any guests asked to leave.