The Miner's Cabin is NOW OPEN!

Escape Rooms: Good to know



Can I choose a different room for a time slot?

Yes, at the time of your online reservation, please add a comment specifying your preferred room.

Can the room accommodate more people than the specified limit?

Yes,  most rooms can fit one or two more people above the recommended group limit. Our number of guests per room is based on comfort, but can typically accommodate one or two more players.

Can I do a room by myself or with just 2 people? 
Yes,  although it will be a lot harder. ***We also now offer a special time slot for our single players: the third Thursday of each month specific for single players to get together. Reservations required.

Can we just walk in and do a room?
No, our rooms are on a set time schedule and we need advance notice to prepare the room for your group. One hour notice is  recommended, but feel free to call, as we occasionally have cancellations.

Are there restaurants near by?

Yes, there are several restaurants off of S. Airport Rd.  We are also right next to Medalie Park which has a pavilion and is a popular picnic spot.

Do you have a restroom?

Absolutely.  Guests are encouraged to use it before

beginning a challenge.

Are you handicap accessible?
Yes, most of our rooms are, although some puzzles may not be; however it is a team challenge! :)


Do you offer discounts to large groups?

Yes, corporate and large groups (20 or more) receive special rates.

Can we bring in our own food and beverages?

Yes,  you may bring your own food and drinks into the building,  but not into the rooms.  We do not have a private room for food.



Shh! Once you complete a challenge, you are sworn to secrecy! Please no spoiling  challenges for future guests.

Please plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your reservation.

All guests are required to sign a waiver prior to initiating your challenge. Please, no food or drink in the escape rooms.  We ask that you please shut of your cell phones during the challenge.  Pictures or videos of the rooms is prohibited.

Nothing is in the ceiling, leave the cameras alone they are how we see you, and we will be watching.  Please do not  force anything open. Please do not break things - everything you need to  complete the challenge will be accessible without force.  Everything you need is already in the room, there is no need to bring anything, Please do not take anything from the rooms. 

Please adhere to these rules, or you may be asked to leave the room while the rest of your group continues. No refunds will be given to any guests asked to leave.