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Traverse City, Michigan's escape room adventure!

Our Challenges

Man Cave



Who  wants to party before the big game? Well your buddy Ed does, and he has  invited a bunch of friends over, but oh no - Ed's ex has  snuck in and trashed the Man Cave! Can you and your friends salvage the party before the big game starts?  
Recommended for those 18 and up. 

60 Minute Challenge - 10 person maximum.




Do   you and your most trusted friends have what it takes  to survive the  perils of outer space? Climb aboard the I.C.A.R.U.S. & hopefully make it back alive! 

Your  ship has been damaged and is heading straight for the sun!, 

Can you fix it before you incinerate?
A fun, high tech room!

60 Minute Challenge - 6 person maximum.

Winston's Rescue



A  new, family-friendly adventure!
Perfect for all ages!
Enter another realm where you need to rescue Winston the mouse before the cat catches up to him! 

60 Minute Challenge - 12 person maximum.

NOW OPEN! The Vault


You've been hired to break in to a secret chamber. It's not until you're locked in that you realize where you are...

60 Minute Challenge - 2 person maximum


I.C.A.R.U.S. 3000

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