The Miner's Cabin is NOW OPEN!

Our Challenges

Man Cave



 Adults only for this humerus challenge! A bitter soon-to-be-ex wife has  brought out her vindictive side and ruin you and your friends ultimate  Game Day. Naughty-word puzzles and other brain teasers; solve them all to outsmart the angry wife in time to save Game Day!

 Great room for beginners, Easy Difficulty.  

60 Minute Challenge - 10 person maximum.



An exciting spaceship adventure. Perfect for experienced and beginner  players! This escape room is filled with tech puzzles, anyone good at  Tetris? Logic and spacial reasoning puzzles fuel your journey through  outer space. Can you fix you ship and get everything up and running in  time? Or will you crash and burn up in the Sun? 

Medium Difficulty. 

60 Minute Challenge - 6 person maximum.

NOW OPEN! The Miner's Cabin


 A Family Friendly Room! Great experience for one and all! Your adventure begins when your favorite uncle dies, leaving special conditions in  his will. The first family member to find his secret stash of gold will inherit everything - the gold, the land, and the rustic cabin! Lots of  secret compartments and special effects await in the fun filled  adventure.

 Can you find the gold before everyone else?

 Beginner to  Medium Difficulty.  Minimum of 4 players recommended for best experience.

60 Minute Challenge - 14 person maximum

The Vault


 Our special 2 person room. Step into the role of two thieves hired by a  mysterious stranger to steal something of utmost importance, and don't  get caught. It just might cost you your life. Logic and mind bending  brain teasers, tricks, and twists fill this tiny room. 

Not for those  with Claustrophobia! 

Medium to High Difficulty.  

60 Minute Challenge - 2 person maximum


I.C.A.R.U.S. 3000

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